Sunday, September 30, 2007

HIST 105

FALL 2007

Boğaziçi University Department of History

COORDINATOR: Çiğdem Kafesçioğlu
office hours: Wednesday 10:30-11:45, TB 410A

Teaching Assistants: Rezzan Karaman (Head T.A.), Ayşe Tek Başaran, Zeynep Cebeci, Feray Coşkun, Abdullah Ahmet Saçmalı

Lectures: MWF 4, GKM
Discussion sessions: Fridays, KPark, hours TBA


Course Description:

The Making of the Modern World (Hist 105; Hist 106) is a two-semester elective course providing a thematic history of the world from ancient to modern times. The course surveys the major patterns and events of human activity from a global perspective within a broad chronological framework, while familiarizing students with interactions, parallellisms, and incongruities in the historical and cultural patterns of diverse societies and civilizations. The course aims to develop an understanding of modes and patterns of historical change, and provides a perspective on the complex ways in which the legacy of the past shapes our present.

The first part of the course (Hist 105) focuses on the ancient and the medieval world, and approaches the formation and transformations of specific social, political, cultural, and economical patterns through a global perspective. Beginning with the first permanent settlements and urban centers of the ancient Near East, the course turns to the Ancient Greek, Roman, Indian and East Asian civilizations. Broad historical transformations of the medieval era in the eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Middle East and Asia constitute the last main focus. For each of these three major periods, the course examines aspects of political, cultural, ideological and institutional structures and transformations, as well as aspects of daily life and material culture. Connections and interactions across spatial and cultural divides remain a focus throughout the survey.


The course is team-taught by members of the History Department. Lectures of each week will be followed by one-hour discussion sessions led by the teaching assistants on Fridays.

There are two types of reading for the course. The textbook [P.N. Stearns, M. Adas, S.B. Schwartz, M.H. Gilbert, World Civilizations: The Global Experience (New York, 2007)], provides an introduction and background to the topics to be covered in the lectures. The primary source readings for each week introduce a set of particular issues and themes directly related to the lecture topics. The Friday sections with the teaching assistants will be devoted in part to the in-depth discussion and interpretation of the primary sources, and in part to the discussion of the main themes and issues of the week. Four historical movies or documentaries related to course themes will be screened through the semester.

It is highly important that you participate fully in the course by attending the lectures, doing the readings (preferably before lectures, certainly before the Friday discussion hours), and partaking in the discussions led by the teaching assistants.

All readings will be available as electronic documents on the Boğaziçi Library web site (go to Catalogue Search; Search Course Reserves). Stearns, Adas, Schwartz, and Gilbert, World Civilizations: The Global Experience is also available in the Boğaziçi University Bookstore. Lecture outlines and course announcements will be posted on the course website.


Mid-term exam: 40%

Final exam: 50%

Attendance and participation in discussion sessions: 10%



24 September M Introduction Kafescioğlu


26 September W Agricultural Transformation and The First Permanent Settlements (Özyar)

28 September F The Rise of Civilization: Early Urban Centers of the Ancient Near East (Özyar)

Reading, week 1 (26, 28 Sept.): P.N. Stearns, M. Adas, S.B. Schwartz, M.H. Gilbert, World

Civilizations: The Global Experience (New York, 2007), pp. 2-25


1 October M From Accounting to Writing: Early Scripts and Ancient Languages (Özyar)

3 October W Social Stratification and Historical Records: Anatolia in the Bronze Age (Özyar)

5 October F Cultural Continuity and Political Fragmentation: Anatolia in the Iron Age (Özyar)

Readings and sources, week 2 (1-5 Oct.): Stearns et. al., pp. 25-35

from the “Edict of Telipinu”

from the “Epic of Gılgamesh”



8 October M Egypt: The Pharaonic Kingdom and the Nile (Özyar)

10 October W Monotheism and the Judaic Tradition in the Ancient Near East (Kechriotis)

12 October F No class

Readings, week 3 (8-12 Oct.): Stearns et. al., pp. 35-45


15 October M The Greek City and Democracy (Kechriotis)

17 October W Economy and Material Culture in the Greek City (Kechriotis)

19 October F The Hellenic World: From City State to Empire (Kechriotis)

Readings and sources, week 4 (15-19 Oct.): Stearns et. al., chapter 5, pp. 94-115

from Homer, The Odyssey, ‘King Nestor Remembers’

from Aristotle, ‘Virtues and vices’

from Thucidydes, The Peloponnesian War, Book II, Chapter VI, Funeral oration of Pericles


22 October M Ancient South Asia: the Indus Valley and Harappan Civilizations (Toksöz)

24 October W Rice Agriculture, Communal Life, and the Confucian State in China (Esenbel)

26 October F The Persian Empire and the Alexandrian Legacy in Asia (Esenbel)

Readings and sources, week 5 (22-26 Oct.): Stearns et. al., pp. 46-93 (chapters 3 and 4)

from Lao Tzu, The Classic of the Way and of Virtue

from Confucius, K’ung fu-tzu, (469-399 B. C. ) Analects

from Arrian, Life of Alexander


29 October M No class

31 October W Rome: the Republic (Necipoğlu)

2 November F Rome: the Empire (Kechriotis)

Readings and sources, week 6 (29, 31 Oct., 2 Nov.): Stearns, pp. 140-157, pp. 218-222

from Seneca, The Apocolocynthosis, ‘The Apocolocythonsis of the Divine Claudius’

from Plutarch, Moralia,‘The education of Children’

from Plotinus, The Enneads, ‘Happiness’


5 November M The Fall of Rome and the Roman Legacy (Kechriotis)

7 November W Religion in the Mediterranean World and the Rise of Christianity (Kechriotis)


9 November F The Byzantine Empire: from Constantine the Great to the Age of Justinian (Necipoğlu)

Readings and sources, week 7 (5-9 Nov.): Stearns et. al., pp. 222-227

from Eusebius of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History

from Eusebius of Caesarea, Life of Constantine

Constantine's Coins, Statues and the Arch of Constantine in Rome


12 November M Byzantine Society from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages (Necipoğlu)

14 November W From the Iconoclastic Controversy to the Great Schism: Christianity Divides (Necipoğlu)

16 November F Byzantium from the age of the Crusades to the Ottoman Conquest (Necipoğlu)

Readings and sources, week 8 (12-16 Nov.): Stearns et. al., pp. 304-319 (chapter 14)

from Anna Comnena, Alexiad

from Manuel Palaiologos, Letters


19 November M Medieval Europe: Rural Society and Feudalism (Deringil)

21 November W Medieval European Politics: Kings and Vassals (Deringil)

23 November F Medieval European Politics: Popes and Bishops (Deringil)

Reading, week 9 (19-23 Nov): Stearns et. al., pp. 320-343 (chapter 15)


26 November Monday, 17:00 Midterm

28 November W Medieval Europe: Towns and Urban Institutions (Deringil)

30 November F Religion in the Irano-Mediterranean World and the Rise of Islam (Terzioğlu)

Readings and sources, weeks 9, 10 (19-28 Nov.):

Letter of Fulbert of Chartres on the Obligation of Vassals

The Constitution of Emperor Conrad II Concerning the Fiefs of Italy

The Dictatus Papae, [On Papal Power]


3 November M The Caliphate: From Medina to Damascus and Baghdad (Terzioğlu)

5 December W Religious and Political Fragmentation in the Islamic World (Terzioğlu)

7 December F Medieval Near Eastern Societies (Terzioğlu)

Readings and sources, week 11 (30, 3 Nov, 5, 7 Dec): Stearns et. al., pp. 236-270

from Mawardi, The Ordinances of Government (a Juridical Theory on the Caliphate)

from Ibn Khaldun, The Muqaddima: An Introduction to History

examples of Umayyad and Abbasid Coinage


10 December M The Greco-Roman Legacy in the Medieval World (Ersoy)

12 December W Medieval Encounters: Conflict and Coexistence (Ersoy)

14 December F Medieval Encounters: Trade and Material Culture (Ersoy)

Readings and sources, week 12 (10-14 Dec): Stearns et. al., pp. 230-235

from Ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354

Letters from the documents of the Cairo Geniza


17 December M Medieval South Asia: Sufis, Sultans, Rajas (Toksöz)

19 December W Medieval Chinese Society and Culture (Esenbel)

21 December F No class

Readings, week 13 (17-21 Dec): Stearns et. al., pp. 270-282; 366-387


24 December M The Genghisid World-Empire (Toksöz)

26 December W Feudalism in Japan: the Samurai and the Peasant (Esenbel)

28 December F Conclusion and overview (Kafescioğlu)

Readings and sources, week 14 (24, 26 Dec.): Stearns et. al., pp. 388-400, pp. 412-433 (ch. 19); pp. 450-451

from The Samurai Code

from The Travels of Marco Polo

Friday 1 (09:00)
K. Park 2
Friday 2 (10:00)
K. Park 2
Friday 2 (10:00)
Kuzey Park 3
Aslı Avşar Abdullah Arı Hatice Akın
Ayçe Feride Yılmaz Ahmet Yıldırım I. Sabahat Sun
Ayşem Yorulmaz Aylin Çakı İdil Beyza Gögüsten
Beyza Bilal Ayşe Yağlı İlayda Gümüş
Cihan İçlek Bahar Özdemir İsmail Duman
Damla Gürkan Behire Öztürk Kemal Hasan
Deniz İlhanlı Bilal Baysoy Koray Can Canot
Deniz Keskin Canan Odaman Kübra Özkan
Dzavit Oranoski Cem Önder Meryem Sağıroğlu
Elif Kurtulus Ceren Tosun Michel Blardi
Fatma Çağlar Cihad Acar Name Kaşmer
Gökçe Ertem Dicle Gencer Nazife Ece
Güzin Sarmaşık Ece Mendi Nazime Güneş
Hilal Gumussoy Eda Doğançay Nisan İlçiz
Işıl Becef Elif Gültekin Nursel Akhan
Karen Deleon Elif Kırlangıç Oğuz Karadağ
Kerem Dülger Emin Yücel Okcan Yıldırımtürk
Koray Ağdemir Enes Öztürk Orgil Batjargal
Kübra Yılmaz Eray Özcan Özlem Salehi
M. Ebru Dikmen Ersin Mahmatlı Rümeysa Şişman
M.Ezgi Memiş Esin Gültekin Rüya Yüksel
Maks Bayramov Esra Üstündağ Sedat Altun
Melek Yeşilyurt Fatih Üstün Selen Küçükarslan
Mert Kutlar Feyza Ergin Sinem Karacaoğlan
Merve Aydın Fulya Kural Sümeyra Serttürk
Mustafa Umut Kafadar Funda Genç Şennur Kılıç
Nimet Aysal Gül Ertuğrul Şeyda Özsoy
Oktay Ertürk Gülay Sultan Özdamar Şeyma Şahin
Selen Oğuz Hakan Tekeli Şule Üzümcü
Sibel Çalışkan Zeynep Yaşar Zeynep Alpay
Sinem Doğaner Hasan Nurhan Çelik Tuğba Karasu
Şule Selçuk Mehmet Denizperçin Tuğçe Naz Tuğtekin
Yaprak Aydın Meryem Demirhan Yasemin Tahtalı
Zeynep Özdoğan Suraya Shirinova Yusuf Akbulut

Friday 3 (11:00)
K.Park 2
Friday 3 (11:00)
K.Park 3
Friday 3 (11:00)
YD 104
Abdullah Karaaslan Dileknur Ceylan Deniz Karaman
Abdüssamed Bozkurt Emir Neftçi Neşe Cambaz
Ali Aba Emirhan Eringen Nihan Toprakkıran
Alican Kahya Enes Gündoğdu Nihan Ulaş
Armağan Güner Ersin Maden Nuray Uğur
Aslı Ebru Şanlıtürk Erşan Hasanov Onur Yardımcı
Avni Berk Nalçacıoğlu Esra Kurmuş Orçun Can Okan
Aycan Katıtaş Esra Özdil Ömer Çetin
Ayça Bayrak Ferhan Kardaş Özge Sekmen
Ayla Bulut Görkem Gömeç Pelin Avcu
Ayla Günerhan Güliz Yılmaz Pelin Dikmen
Ayşe Deniz Kavur Günseli Durmaz Pelin Gönül Şahin
Ayşegül Pomakoğlu Hasan İlhan Anbar Pınar Özmen
Bahar Altıntaş Hilal Döner Renin Canbolat
Birgül Ünal İlyas Sodanbekov Ruşen Yaşar
Burcu Alsan İrem Bilgin Saner Güzeliş
Can Ertan İrem Tabak Sarp Geçen
Can Sarp Kaya İsmail Semih Güratan Selin Songur
Cansu Atlay K. Buyantogtokh Sena Yazıcı
Cansu Etli Kemal Işık Sibel Sever
Cemrenur Topuz Kerem Uşaklı Talin Demirci
Ceren Gündoğdu Kübra Avcı Tuba Ayalp
Ceyda Devrim Kübra Oğuz Tuğçe Varnacı
Çağrı Sert Lisya Fins Tuna Zergeçit
Damla Doğan M. Burak Sezgin Vildan Özgen
Deniz Keser M. İdil Özkan Yağmur Baran
Deniz Konuk Mehmet Akdağ Yakup Öztürk
Derya Kondumer Merve Ateş Yasemin Kamburoğlu
Dilara Öztan Merve Doğan Yasemin Kandemiroğlu
Duygu Cankılıç Metin Kocatürk Yeliz Çelebiç
Eda Çetinel Murat Dikmen Yeşim Ölçer
Ege Türkeri Mustafa Kaya Zarifa Alikperova
Ezgi Işınay Mürüvvet Esra Yıldırım Zerrin Cengiz
Gülipek Usluer Nazlı Gürdamar Zeynel Can Gündoğdu
Zeynep Seda Yüzer Sevgi Gizem Şenyurt Dilara Sarı

Sümeyra Kalaman

Zeynep Yavuz

Damla Özakay

Friday 5 (13:00)
K. Park 2
Friday 5 (13:00)
K.Park 3
Friday 5 (13:00)
K. Park 5
Alev Koza Hande Soğancılar Ayşe Deniz Kavur
Aysu Nizamoğlu İdil Ayata Begum Pekmezcı
Bahar Güneş idil Kavukçu Cüneyt Mercimek
Başak Beyazıt İrem Sezer Dilara Tajik
Başak Kocadost İrem Temel Durmuş Ali Battal
Batuhan Barlas İsmail Kayapınar Erhan Ersöz
Berk Tatlıpınar Kıvanç Kayadeniz Gülşah Güdek
Büşra Yurgun Kutlu Kaan Haliloğlu Güneş Aydın
Ceren Ülkü Kübra Çobanoğlu Günseli Yarkın
Çağla demirciglu Kürşat Ceylan Hamide Eravcı
Çiler Demiralp Mehmet Özkan Hande Güzel
Deniz Bayram Mehnaz Seltun Hatice Özen
Deniz Karapınar Melisa Özçakır Hilal Çıkılı
Deniz Yıldız Necdet Yıldız Hülya Yavuz
Dila Keleş Neslihan İzmirli Nağme Tabak
Dulgun Baatarsukh Nihan Akgün Onur Pusat
E.Serkan Solmazoğlu Osman Özarslan Pelin Ntogantzalı
Elif Erburuk Rümeysa Gündüz Simge Süllü
Elif Yurtoğlu Saffet Bereket Sinan Şanlıer
Endam Çakan Selen Tutuncu Uğurcan Aksoy
Ezgi Bozkurt Serap Çevikel Ümmü Bucaköz
Farah Sagan Sevinç Özçelik Vuslat Büyük
Farhad Safarov Sezin Matkap Yağmur Yavuz
Fercan Kasapoğlu Sümeyye Sena ıbıl Yaprak Bahar
Gizem Çağlar Şenol Aslantas Yaprak Ersin
Gizem Özer Ufuk Kızılgedik Yasin Nasirov
Gökhan Göktaş
Zekiye Gedik
Görkem Aypar
Zeynep Demiragli
Güliz Atsız

Karel Bensusan

Merve Yılmaz

Friday 6 (14:00) K.Park 2
Bediz Düzel
Begüm Topaloğlu
Berfin Ayaydın
Duygu Sarıdal
Ege Esen
Efe Soyman
Emre Ekin
Emre Uzun
Erdi Karaçay
Ersan Avcı
Esen Özsarfati
Esin Gündüz
Farah Sagin
Gözde Tekay
Hande Kandemir
Hasan Atalık
Irmak Eyiceğlu
İnci Öykü Yener
İpek Burcu Şaşmaz
Koray Erçin
Mehmet Kurtoğlu
Mustafa Batman
Naz Türe
Naziye Güneş
Nihan Sönmez
Nurcan Koç
Orhan Ersöz
Seval Sönmez
Taha Şirin
Utku Akcan
Enver Vuap
Jean Bradley
Hayrunnisa Merve Yiğit